Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is a representative body of the greater parish. It is composed of 12 elected representatives and 9 non-elected representatives who are heads of various parish organizations. Pastoral Council functions through various committees including Worship, Education, Youth, Buildings and Grounds, and Finance. Pastoral Council is a forum where parish related ideas, suggestions and concerns are discussed and acted upon. It serves in an advisory capacity to the pastor and takes a leadership role in the on-going development of the parish.
Meetings are held on the second Monday of the month (September – June) at 7:00 p.m. in the Social Center meeting room. Parishioners may attend meetings. They may address the Council during a meeting only with prior approval from the Pastoral Council President.  Pastoral Council members welcome contacts from parishioners.  Click the links below for a list of  members and minutes of recent meetings.  Any parishioners who are interested in serving on Pastoral Council are encouraged to speak to one of the current members.

Any parishioners who are interested in serving on Pastoral Council are encouraged to speak to one of the current members.

*Click the name of the member below to email them.


Rev. Darrell Duffy716-649-2765 x 511
Deacon Carl Koester716-646-2480
Deacon Robb Ciezki716-941-6404
Deacon Dennis Conroy


Dick Blake716-649-5897
Eileen Lyon716-672-9628

Elected/Selected Members and Terms (* indicates the completion of a second term)

Michelle Brady716-725-1696Secretary2023
Adam Ciccarella716-322-88872024
Gerald Franz716-440-97352023
Janet Griffin917-279-0851Vice President2022
Joseph Herrmann716-548-62192023
Mary Kruszka716-481-48122022#
Mary Flanagan716-228-62762024
Jim Moscato716-796-59282023
Sharon Keller716-435-37092024
Warren Ristine716-597-53372022
Irene Stranz716-913-9572President2024
Pat Boyle716-207-99392022#

Group Representatives (** indicates voting member)     

**Youth Representative
Leslie Brooks **716-228-0131Parents’ Guild
716-649-0231 x 3Family & Youth Ministry
Sr. Marilyn Dudek716-649-7030School Principal
Karin Dusza716-648-1725Outreach
Melissa DArcangelo**Parents’ Guild
Jacque PartridgeParent’s Guild
Kevin Morgan **908-343-1070St. Vincent de Paul
Judy Shelley **716-771-4275Altar & Rosary
Jennifer Golinski716-649-0231 x 1Faith Formation

16 Voting Members including all selected/elected members, Youth Representative,
Representatives from St. Vincent DePaul, Altar and Rosary and Parents Guild
1 Vote between representatives for Parents Guild
Total of 16 Votes – 9 votes needed for a Quorum
# Indicates Special Circumstances, e.g. member is not in a full 3 year term.

Meeting Minutes

SSPP Pastoral Council Bylaws

Parish Handbook Contact List