Faith Formation at Ss. Peter & Paul

Welcome! This page explains our Faith Formation program. Also, below you will find registration forms, sacramental guidelines and a packet related to confirmation.

Faith is caught, not taught. For this reason we believe that there are 3 important components to our Faith Formation program:

  1. A Relationship with Jesus
    Our program brings our families together at Mass. If you were in a relationship but never “saw” that person there would be no relationship. Our program focuses on Mass, Prayer and Scripture in every gathered session and throughout the learning we do.

  2. Family Catechesis
    After many years of traditional classroom style religious education classes we have discovered that our teens as they approach Confirmation have not retained all we have taught them, even with great catechists (teachers). By learning the faith as a family and having a home component of learning parents are showing their children that the faith is important to them. It also shows them the adults are willing to learn with them. Practicing the faith at home through learning, prayer and Sunday Mass attendance helps to enrich and enliven the faith of the entire family. It helps the children catch the faith of their parents. Studies have shown how vital this is to the children staying with their faith as they grow. Our program provides opportunities for parents to work with their children at home on a few lessons a month that teach the basics of our catholic faith in age appropriate lessons.

  3. Community
    It’s been said that ducks need ducks. In other words if you want to learn to be a good duck hang with ducks. The same can be said about good Catholics. If you want to be a good catholic hang with good Catholics. Part of our program includes a once a month family gathering where we first meet to pray together at Mass and then gather for lessons that are taught to all in community with each other.

Please follow these links below for :

Faith Formation Registration 2022-2023

Faith Formation Calendar 2022-2023

Sacramental Preparation Guideline

To download this packet and learn more about Confirmation, please follow this link.

If you have ANY questions or would like more information about our programs, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you!

Jenny Golinski

Director of Faith Formation
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