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Rev. Ted Jost Sr. Parochial Vicar 716-649-2765
Deacon Robb Ciezki 716-941-6404
Deacon Dennis Conroy
Deacon Carlton Koester 716-646-2480

Sr. Marilyn Ann Dudek Principal 716-649-7030
Ms. Helen Smit Music Teacher
Penny Wapshare School Office 716-649-7030
Timothy Gastle Contemporary Ensemble Director 716-662-6815
Mrs. Jenny Golinski Director of Faith Formation 716-649-0231, Ext. 1
Aaron Tham Organist 716-648-2765
Karin Dusza Coordinator of Parish Outreach 716-648-1725
Nicole Filkorn Outreach Secretary 716-648-1725

Luis Clay Bookkeeper/Website
Mary Conroy Parish Secretary 716-649-2765
Linda Reimondo Parish Secretary 716-649-2765
Kevin Schweizer Cemetery Operations 716-649-2765
Kyle Schweizer Parish Maintenance 716-649-2765
Don Wach Business Manager 716-649-2765

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