Uniform Policy

SSPP School maintains a strong tradition of school uniforms that reflects school pride and appropriate regard for personal appearance.  All students must abide by the following dress code.  Students are expected to arrive and leave school in their proper uniform attire every day.

On occasion there are exceptions and allowances that can be made.  Parents/guardians will be notified if a student chronically comes to school without the proper uniform.  Please note that if your child comes to school with an inappropriate hairstyle, you will be notified immediately and an acceptable hairstyle is expected in a timely manner.

Uniform Expectation – Kindergarten through Grade 8

  • No printed or colored t-shirts may be worn under uniform shirts.
  • All clothing is to fit properly – not too small or deliberately oversized.
  • No other clothing (e.g. sweatshirts, jackets, sweaters, or large shirts) may be worn during school time.  Only school sweatshirts and sweaters may be worn during the day.
  • All hats are to be removed as students enter the building.
  • Jumpers, skirts, and skorts:  uniform plaid only.  Skirts must be of appropriate, modest length, no more than 1 inch above the knee.
  • PANTS:  Navy blue uniform pants only.  No cargo, gym, nylon, sports, or extreme style pants may be worn.
  • SHORTS:  Navy blue walking shorts may be worn September through October and April through June.  No cargo, cut-off, gym, nylon, sports, or extreme style shorts may be worn.
  • BELTS:  Solid navy, black, or brown belts are to be worn at all times for all students in grades 4-8.
  • SHIRTS:  White or hunter green, long or short sleeve uniform shirts or turtlenecks are worn.   All shirts must be tucked into the waistband, or covered by the school sweater/sweatshirt.  Shirts should not have logos on them other than SSPP logo.
  • SWEATERS/SWEATER VESTS/FLEECE/SWEATERSHIRTS:  Uniform sweaters, sweater vests, or uniform appropriate school fleece/sweatshirts may be worn at any time.  School uniform shirts are to be worn under uniform sweaters and sweatshirts, with collars visible at all times. SSPP grade eight class designed hoodies, purchased through the school, may only be worn by grade eight students.
  • SHOES:  School appropriate, neat, clean sneakers or shoes are to be worn.  Shoes and sneakers should have appropriate heel height with a maximum height of 1 ½ inches. 
      • Crocs
      • Open back shoes/sneakers
      • Open toed Shoes
      • Boots (fashion/winter) are not to be worn during the school day
      • Roller sneakers
    • PLEASE NOTE:  These types of footwear are not allowed ever – even on Dress Up/Dress Down days. Open toed shoes may be worn on special occasions limited to the following: Graduations (Kindergarten and 8th grade graduates only), Moving Up Day (7th graders only), and Baccalaureate Liturgy (8th graders only)
  • SOCKS:  Solid navy, black, or white ankle, crew, or knee socks ONLY.  The socks must be matching and visible above the top of the shoe. Socks must be worn at all times.  Girls may also wear tights or stockings (navy, black, or white ONLY) when appropriate.  No leggings are worn during the school day.
  • JEWELRY:  Girls may wear small earrings ONLY in ear lobes.  No hoop or dangling earrings may be worn.  Boys are not allowed to wear any type of ear jewelry.  Boys and girls are not permitted to have face piercings, and therefore not allowed to wear any kind of face or lip jewelry.  Cartilage piercing is not allowed   Boys and girls may wear 1 ring per hand.  Each student may wear only 1 bracelet.

Personal Appearance Expectations

BOYS:  Hair must be neatly trimmed on all sides.  Hair length must not exceed the top of the collar, eyebrows, and top of the ears.  No radical, unconventional, or unnatural looking hair is permitted.  Designs are not to be shaved into the scalp.  Extreme hair styles or dyed hair is not allowed.

GIRLS:  No radical, unconventional, or unnatural looking hair is permitted.  Hair should be a natural color, clean, and neatly styled.  Extreme hairstyles or dyed hair is not allowed.  Simple hair clips or hair bands that keep hair in place are acceptable.

BOYS AND GIRLS:  The latest hair fads will not be accepted.  Hair should be neatly combed and should be its natural color—the color God gave them.

If fingernail polish is worn, it must be clear in color.  Artificial nails, press on, gel, fiberglass or silk wrap nails are not allowed at any time.

Make-up of any kind may not be worn at any time.

No tattoos of any kind (permanent or temporary) are allowed.

Dress Up and Dress Down (Casual) Days

BOYS:  On dress up days, boys in grades K-5 are expected to wear dress pants, and button down shirts or shirts with a collar.  Boys in grades 6-8 are expected to wear dress pants, shirts, ties, and dress shoes.

GIRLS:  On dress up days, girls in ALL grades are expected to wear skirts or dresses of modest length. Dress pants and dress shoes may also be worn.

On dress down (casual) days, ALL students may wear jeans, khaki pants, or cargo pants (or shorts depending on the season).  No gym shorts or nylon/mesh shorts may be worn. No “warm up” pants, track pants, pajama bottoms, leggings, or yoga pants may be worn. T-shirts or sweatshirts with inappropriate sayings and/or pictures are prohibited.  All casual/dress down clothing must look neat, free of rips, holes or tears and must be school appropriate. Clothing should not be tight fitting.

Students who are out of compliance in regard to school uniform or demonstrate unacceptable grooming habits will be subject to interventions as indicated in the Expectations and Guidelines for Conduct section of the handbook.