Tuition Information

Tuition Policy:

For the 2022-2023 school year, tuition intake will cover 50% of the operating cost of the school. Parents Guild fundraising, diocesan Catholic Tuition Grant Program funds, reimbursement by the State of NY for mandated services and ultimately the Parishioners of Saints Peter and Paul Parish cover the remaining 50% plus of operating costs. Salaries and benefits for teachers, school administration and school staff comprise 80% of the operating cost of the school. The school is dependent on parents faithfully covering their tuition obligations in order to cover the school payroll.
The 2022-2023 Tuition charges will be:

Pre-K    $4,481

1 Child    $4,183

2 Children    $7,191

3 Children    $8,875

Family Tuition    $9,393



  • Registration Fee: The registration fee will be $105 per family up through March 1st. Returning students will also be guaranteed a place if registration is completed by March 1st.
    Beginning on March 2nd, the registration fee will be $205 per family and new students will be accepted in order of registration date. Failure to register by March 1st may jeopardize places for returning students.
  • Art, Book, Supply Fee (ABS): $95.00 per family is due with first tuition payment.
  • Student Insurance Fee: $15.00 per student is due with the first tuition payment.

Tuition Payment Options:

  • Full payment of tuition and fees by August less $105.00 discount.
  • Payment of tuition and fees through FACTS Tuition starting August 2022 through May 2023.

Incidental school expenses (field trips, scholastic supplies, sports fees, etc.) are collected in the school outside of the FACTS system. SSPP will do our best to make you aware of these expenses well in advance.

Tuition Assistance:

Saints Peter and Paul Parish is committed to helping families needing financial assistance or facing temporary hardships to send their children to Saints Peter and Paul, a Catholic Community School. For information on various forms of assistance, please click here.