School Board

The School Board consists of a diverse group of individuals who share a common desire to enrich, nurture, and promote SS. Peter and Paul, a Catholic Community School. This group includes not only individuals with professional backgrounds in education, finance, management, healthcare, and other areas, but also parents and grandparents of current students. The School Board assists the Pastor of SS. Peter and Paul Church in strategic planning, financial planning, and the development of school policies. The day-to-day operations of the school are handled by our school administrators in a manner consistent with the broader vision set out by the Pastor and School Board.

Appointed Trustees:

Terms Expire June 2023                        
Mr. Richard Blake (2023)                             

Terms Expire June 2024
Mrs. Susan Santandreu (2024)- Chair
Dr. Eileen Lyon (2024)                                 

Terms Expire June 2025
Dr. Margaret McDonnell Alexander (2025)
Mrs. Janice Adams (2025)- Secretary

Expiring Later
Mrs. Kristin Galus (2026)
Mr. Joseph Flanagan (2026)
Mr. Michael Barr (2029)
Ms. Peggy Nye (2028)
Mr. Thomas Sellers (2028)                           

Ex-Officio Members:

Sr. Marilyn Dudek, Principal
Dr. Timothy Uhl, Superintendent                                                                           


Mr. Michael Barr will fill the seat left vacant by Mrs. Celeste Gray. His term in her seat will end in 2023. He will then be eligible for two three-year terms.

(date) indicates the last year of service before a mandatory one-year break.