Admission Information

Admission and Registration of Students

SSPP admits students desiring of a Catholic education and whose educational needs can be met by the school.​

The mission of the Catholic school, as is the mission of SSPP, is an extension of the evangelizing mission of the Catholic Church.  All Christians and non-Christians are welcomed where openings exist.​

All students participate in the religious education program in the school, which includes respectful attendance at prayer and worship celebrations, as well as participation in the religious instruction.

Acceptance of New Students

All children will be considered for acceptance.  Parents must submit copies of report cards and testing scores at the time of application. No student will be accepted to the school until all records have been submitted to SSPP.​

These records will be reviewed to determine whether the program at SSPP School will meet the educational needs of the student.  An interview with the parent and student (grades 1-8) is part of the admission process.​

The requirements for admission to SSPP are as follows:

A child must be of legal school age to enter Kindergarten.  The entrance age for Kindergarten is 5 years old ON or BEFORE December 1st of the entering year. Pre-K 4 students must be 4 years old ON or BEFORE December 1st of the entering year.

New York State requires that a child be immunized and proof of immunization must be presented at registration (see Health Regulations).

In decisions about admission:

Families registered at SSPP Parish are given preference.

Non-parishioners from parishes without Catholic schools are accepted at the parishioner tuition rate, with a completed Catholic Tuition Grant Program (CTGP) form on file.

Non-parishioners without a CTGP form are accepted at a higher tuition rate than parishioners.​Registration for school is held during the month of January for families already enrolled at SSPP School.  Open registration begins in February for Pre-K through Grade 8.  Registration forms are available in the school office during school hours of 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.​Please note: It is the policy of SSPP School that once a student leaves the school he/she may not return unless the following conditions apply:​

The student’s current school closes

A student left due to his or her family’s relocation, and now is returning to the area

Exceptions may be given, but they are at the discretion of the principal and pastor.

The following records must be presented at the time of registration/transfer:

Birth Certificate

Baptismal date and location or a baptismal certificate (if applicable)

Health Record

Immunization Record

A non-refundable registration fee

Report card from previous school attended (if applicable)

Record of IEP (if applicable)

A copy of any custodial agreement that is currently in effect

Other pertinent information that may relate to a child’s school performance.

The child must be able to meet academic requirements at various grade levels.

Nondiscrimination Policy

The schools of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo do not discriminate against any person in consideration for any appointment and/or position of employment, administration of educational policies, admissions, scholarship and loan programs, and/or the administration of athletic and other school-oriented programs by reason of any status protected by Federal and/or New York State law and/or regulation, except, that, as a Roman Catholic religious institution affiliated with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, these schools may limit any appointment and/or position of employment and may give preference, in any such appointment and/or position, to members of the Roman Catholic faith and may take such action and make such selections as are determined by it to promote the Roman Catholic teachings and principles on which it was established and except that, with regard to admissions to school, our schools may give preference to Catholic students and may limit admission to one gender in same-sex schools.

This policy supplements and expands a prior policy contained in the “Administrative Handbook for Elementary Schools in the Diocese of Buffalo” (revised 2000), pages E5-E7.

SSPP School shall not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, national and ethnic origin, age (in accordance with the law), and physical or learning disability (if, with reasonable effort on the part of the school, the student with special needs could be accommodated).